Statewide Advisory Board Minutes - August 3, 2015

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Statewide Advisory Minutes Monday, August 3, 2015


Jarod Albers, Karla Bahm, Dr. Michael Baumgartner, Dr. Larry Berger, Ken Boswell, Leslie Boswell, Cindy Burton, Barb Cooksley, Josh Graves, Sen. Tom Hansen, Steve Herman, Dr. Chuck Hibberd, Sen. Dan Hughes, Von Johnson, Mike Kelly, Jason Kennedy, John Klosterman, Beth Klosterman, Sen. John Kuehn, Craig Larson, Pete McClymont, M.L. Martin, Kim Mortensen, Rex Nelson, Regent Bob Phares, Bill Rishel, Chuck Schroeder, Doug Schultz, Brian Thompson, Craig Uden, Dr. Ron Yoder, Mark Wilke, Dr. Ron Rosati, Dr. Scott Mickelsen, Jennifer McConville, Catherine Hauptman (recorder), Mary Crawford, Dottie Evans, Mary Rittenhouse, Eric Reed, Dr. Brad Ramsdale, Dr. Doug Smith, Tina Smith and Dr. Glenn Jackson


  • Dr. Ron Rosati welcomed and thanked everyone for their attendance and referenced information in the packets
  • Ron also made several introductions

 University of Nebraska Update

  • Regent Bob Phares gave an update on the University of Nebraska
    • President Hank Bounds was hired. Regent Phares believes Dr. Bounds is a great fit for our campus and the University system
    • President Bounds made 42 stops on his tour of Nebraska
  • Regent Phares would like us to have the goal “we are one university with multiple campuses”
  • The two-year appropriations included funding for some new positions
  • The UNL Chancellor position will be open with the retirement of Harvey Perlman in 2016
    • Ronnie Green is interim chief academic officer and vice president. He is also the Vice Chancellor of IANR.
    • The search process for chancellor will take some time and the University is seeking names. The same firm used to hire Dr. Gold and President Bounds has been retained
    • Regent Phares is hopeful that a nominee can be named by year end.
  • Questions? Senator Hansen inquired as to which regents and administrators have visited NCTA, noting that President Bounds visited twice in April and May. All regents and key administrators have been to NCTA.

 Nebraska’s Coordinating Commission on Post-Secondary Education

  • Dr. Mike Baumgartner gave an update on CCPE
  • Statewide statistics were given.
  • New policies trying to close the gaps were talked about by Dr. Baumgartner
  • Cap Assistance was discussed
  • Contracts with Creighton and NU, work in underserved areas
  • Collaborative on Military credits, joint purchasing and on student exchange programs
  • New software will allow counselors to see if their students or seniors have completed the FASFA.  A nice bump in the students
  • Access college early college students
    • An additional 50,000 dollars, but lost federal fund and student numbers will decline.
  • Legislature tweaked the bill
  • Coordinating commission roles and duties – coordinate systems to work on affordability, post-secondary education, guidelines,

 IANR and University of Nebraska - Lincoln Initiatives/Budget update

  • IANR has developed a partnership with Conagra
  • Over the last 10 years the number of students in Ag programs has increased
  • More faculty are being hired throughout the Institute

 Legislative and State Budget Updates

  • Senator Dan Hughes gave Legislative and State budget updates to the NCTA Statewide advisory.

State of the College

  • Dr. Ron Rosati presented a power point to the statewide advisory members on the state of the college. This included new employees, new programs, student activities, student achievements, and our expected enrollment for Fall 2015.

 Stakeholder Feedback of NCTA

  • Dr. Scott Mickelsen spoke with the group asking for feedback on ongoing initiatives, the strategic plan, potential additional initiatives, and Scott encouraged written feedback.
  • Chuck Schroeder expressed his appreciation for NCTA and how we prepare our students to work in the agriculture field.
  • What are some things we can do to move forward at NCTA?
    • M.L Martin
      • Feels like you need to go backward and more traditional.
      • Work on increasing vocational skills
      • Counselors don’t understand the type of school NCTA is and what it can offer students.
      • There seems to be an increasing need for more skilled laborers and this is an area NCTA could dip into more.
      • Bill Rishel
        • Responsible students have to be engaged in governments. Get students involved in clubs and activities outside of campus such as Farm Bureau, cattlemen’s, etc. . Much of this NCTA is already doing.
      • Pete McClymont
        • Student discount on membership for Nebraska Cattlemen’s is available
  • When the discussion was concluded Scott asked the advisory council members to write down more feedback on the surveys they were given.
Planning for the future/wrap up
  • Ron asked the group to provide more feedback on the surveys that we handed out to each advisory member.
  • Ron thanked them for coming to the NCTA statewide advisory meeting.

 Other Business

  • No other business at this time

 The NCTA statewide advisory committee was adjourned at 11:55AM