Student Complaint System

In the event of an emergency dial 911


The purpose of this section is to inform students of the internal complaint system at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) and to serve as a guide for students who wish to file a complaint about any aspect of NCTA's operations/policies/procedures or about the actions of any student, visitor or employee of the college.

Procedures and Guidelines

Complaints will be directed to the Assistant Dean, through the submission form below, who will examine the situation, discuss the issues with the involved personnel, implement the appropriate remedy, and inform those involved of the outcome within a reasonable period of time. Submit your complaint using this form on the college website. If you wish to contact the Assistant Dean directly, you may do so at:

Jennifer McConville
Associate Dean
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
404 East 7th Street
Curtis, NE 69025
308.367.5259 (o)
308.367.5203 (f)


These are the steps to follow if you wish to submit a complaint:
1. Complete the electronic form that will be submitted to the Assistant Dean @ Student Complaint Form
2. The Assistant Dean will forward the complaint to the appropriate NCTA employee within 48 hours.
3. The NCTA employee will respond to the complainant within 36 hours. The response will be copied into the Assistant Dean. In all instances, a student filing a complaint is assured that no adverse action will be taken against the student for making the complaint.
4. This procedure is for the benefit of the student. The college reserves the right to depart from this procedure if it is in the best interest of the student making the complaint.