Agronomy AS - Agricultural Producation Systems (Transfer option)

The Associate of Science degree in Agriculture Production Systems – Agronomy includes curriculum for students to easily transition towards pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy at a 4-year university.  Curriculum includes meeting the General Education expectations of a 4-year university while also integrating agronomy courses with an applied learning experiences important for the production of food, grain, and forage crops.  Student’s that combine these hand’s-on learning experiences at NCTA with the more comprehensive curriculum in a BS degree will be very well prepared for the great diversity of careers available in the agronomy industry.


  • Farmer or Farm Manager
  • Seed Sales or Technical Service
  • Crop Consultant/Scout
  • Fertilizer/Chemical Sales or Technical Service
  • Grain Elevator Manager
  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Field Research Technician
  • Crop Insurance Adjuster
  • Soil Conservationist

Courses Offered

Agronomy Specialization Core (Choose 24 credits)

  • AEQ 2323 Precision Farming (3 credits)
  • AGR 1091 Crop Practicum I (1 credit)
  • AGR 1591 Crop Practicum II (1 credit)
  • AGR 2091 Crop Practicum III (1 credit)
  • AGR 1201 Soils Lab (1 credit)
  • AGR 1203 Principles of Soils (3 credits)
  • AGR 2304 Soil Fertility (4 credits)
  • AGR 2383 Irrigation Management (3 credits)
  • AGR 2403 Crop Management (3 credits)
  • AGR 2353 Pest Management (3 credits)
  • ASI 2303 Range Management (3 credits)
  • ACT 1103 Accounting I (3 credits)
  • ABM 2854 Farm and Ranch Management (4 credits)
  • ECN 1203 Microeconomics (3 credits)
  • ECN 1303 Macroeconomics (3 credits)
  • MKT 2203 Ag Marketing (3 credits)

Advisor Guided Electives (14 credits)

    Associate of Science Core (26 credits)

      Associated Clubs and Teams

      • Collegiate Farm Bureau
      • Crops Judging Team
      • Collegiate 4-H/FFA
      • Ag Business Club

      Featured Student

      Nolan Breece
      Nolan Breece Agronomy
      I chose NCTA to get a better understanding of the crop side of agriculture. Upon graduation, I plan to continue my education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

      NCTA was a great place to start my education. I enjoyed being close to home while getting to know lots of people in the community and taking advantage of the recreational activities in Curtis.