Mechanized Systems Management (Transfer Option)

Mechanized Systems Management (Transfer Option) AS - Agricultural Production Systems

This option of the Associate of Science degree in Agricultural Production Systems is designed for transferring to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to pursue a B.S. degree in Mechanized Systems Management (Production Option). The curriculum combines experiences in both agronomy and agricultural equipment and technology with the more comprehensive General Education curriculum for seamless transition to the BS degree program.  A great diversity of careers are available in the equipment and technology industries that support crop production and this degree pathway provides an excellent foundation of learning experiences for these careers.


  • Precision Agriculture Specialist
  • Agriculture Equipment Sales/Service
  • Agriculture Equipment Design
  • Irrigation Technician
  • Grain Elevator Manager
  • Equipment Test Specialist
  • Research Technician

Courses Offered

Mechanized Systems Management Core (29 credits)

  • AEQ 1503 AC Circuits (3 credits)
  • AEQ 1513 DC Circuits (3 credits)
  • AGR 1203 Principles of Soils (3 credits)
  • AGR 1201 Soils Lab (1 credit)
  • AGR 2304 Soil Fertility (4 credits)
  • AGR 2403 Crop Management (3 credits)
  • ECN 1203 Microeconomics (3 credits)
  • ECN 1303 Macroeconomics (3 credits)
  • ASI 1304 Animal Management (4 credits)
  • ABM 2854 Farm and Ranch Management (4 credits)

Advisor Guided Electives (9 credits)

    Associate of Science Core (26 credits)

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