2023-2024 Estimated
NCTA Student Budgets

  Tuition and FeesHousing and FoodBooks and SuppliesPersonalLoan Fees Total
On-Campus $5,756 $8,852 $726 $4,664 $56   $20,054
Off-campus $5,756 $9,472 $726 $5,404 $56   $21,414
Living at home $5,756 $2,584 $726 $4,664 $56   $13,786

*Costs based on a two-semester academic year and full-time enrollment. 
Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for tuition and fee amounts for half-time or 3/4 time enrollment.

Additional Cost of Attendance Information

  • Students enrolled less than full-time as of the census date of each term will have their budgets reduced accordingly.
  • All costs are subject to actual fee structures as approved by the Board of Regents and will be revised accordingly for each academic year.
  • Budgets are based on 17 credit hours per semester and cover a nine-month period.
  • On-campus Food is calculated using the 21 meals/wk plan.  A 14 meals/wk or 18 meals/wk plan is available at a lower rate.
  • On-campus Housing is calculated using an average of the two and four person room  and suite rates.  Actual room rates could be lower depending on which plan is chosen (rates can be reviewed on the Tuition and Cost page).
  • Day care costs are not included but could be if the student provides documentation.
  • Commuter costs will be used for students living with parent(s), relatives, or their legal guardians.
  • For those students living off-campus, housing and food figures include utilities.  Housing costs are determined based on a student survey.  Food costs use the 21 meal plan rate.
  • All budgets are single student budgets. Students with dependents will be given an allowance for family size as a part of the need analysis on their FAFSA.
  • Figures represent the best estimates of expenses a full-time student in a given budget category might be expected to incur.

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