Refund Policy

Federal regulations require that each institution publish its refund policy and make the information available to students upon request. Examples of the application of this policy are available upon request. Because the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture does not charge full tuition at the beginning of the enrollment period, this is a billing policy rather than a refund policy. Tuition and fees will be billed to students receiving financial aid who withdraw according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal time percentage of tuition/fees billed (fall & spring)

1st Week 0%
2nd Week 25%
3rd Week 50%
4th Week 75%
5th Week 100%

Any refunds from payment of tuition, fees, and campus housing charges or any refunds created by a reduction in charges resulting from withdrawal from classes may be returned to financial aid funds if you received federal financial aid during that semester.
Students who receive financial aid and withdraw during an 8 Week Session will have tuition and fees billed on a prorated basis.
During the first week of a summer session, tuition and fees will be billed on a prorated basis to students receiving financial aid who withdraw. Students will be billed 100% of tuition and fees after the first week of the summer session.