Special Circumstance

  • Death of a Parent
    If a parent whose information is provided on the FAFSA passes away after the FAFSA is filed, the OSFA will adjust the FAFSA information to reflect only the living parent's information. Contact the OSFA for further assistance.
  • Separation and Divorce
    If your parents separate or divorce after their information has been provided on the FAFSA, an adjustment can be made to reflect one parent's income and asset information. Contact the OSFA for further assistance.
  • Special Circumstances
    When special circumstances occur that affect your or your family's ability to pay educational expenses, you are encouraged to notify the OSFA. A Special Circumstances Application is available to apply for an adjustment based on certain situations. These situations include student or parent loss of employment, loss of employment due to disability or natural disaster, or loss of untaxed income or benefit. Situations that do not fall into these categories should be described in a letter and sent, along with supporting documentation, to the OSFA for review.
  • Another special circumstance that may occur is related to a family's unusually high medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance. If conditions such as these apply to you or your family, contact the OSFA and request a Medical/Dental Expense Form that will enable you to apply for an adjustment to your FAFSA information.