Intercampus & Change of Campus Applicants

Intercampus vs Change of Campus

If you are a student a UNL, UNK, UNMC, or UNO and wish to transfer to the University of Nebraska–Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, or change campuses to become a degree-seeking student at NCTA, you will complete the NCTA's Transfer Student Application. Change of campus students must submit high school and college transcripts to the NCTA's Office of Admissions.

Intercampus applicants are students who want to remain degree-seeking students at their home institution (UNL,UNK, UNMC, or UNO) and only take courses at the university for a term. No additional documentation is needed for an intercampus student application. High school and college transcripts are not required unless specifically requested.

To Apply

Complete the online intercampus application. More information can be found on the University of Nebraska Intercampus site.

Each intercampus application is only good for one term; therefore, if you plan to attend Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture as an intercampus student for multiple terms, you must apply separately for each term.

In most situations, you must still be an active student (have enrolled within the last 3 terms) and be eligible to enroll on your degree-seeking campus in order to apply intercampus.